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Modular System The Agritronics Modular Monitor System (AMMS) is designed with the same functionality as the larger Agritronics Plant Monitor System (APMS). It was designed with the needs of smaller plants and farm based operations in mind. The System is made up of individual modules that can be interlocked together to makeup any combination of sensor inputs.

Since the electrical classification of feed and seed handling areas is a hazardous dust area, the monitor system is designed to meet CSA requirements. The sensor wiring is Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) because the output voltage and current from each monitor module is limited so that a wiring or sensor fault in the hazardous dust area would not cause an explosion or fire. This means that the sensors can be mounted in hazardous dust areas and the plant wiring can be inexpensive Class II (low voltage) wiring.

The system operates on a nominal 12 Volt DC power source so it is also suitable for installation in a tractor to monitor hoppers and shafts on mobile farm equipment.

Modular Monitor Starter Kit (SPM148MOD-KIT) - Includes one Power Supply Adaptor (SPM148PSA-12V) CSA Approved Class 2, one Mounting Bracket Kit (SPM147BKT-KIT) for wall mounting the monitor system, one Power Supply Module (SPM148PWR-IS-1).

Mounting Bracket Kit (SPM148BKT-KIT) - Includes end plates, mounting feet, and a custom length ribbon cable to interconnect the modules. One BKT kit is required for the monitor system. If the monitor system includes more than 10 modules, it may be desirable to make the instrument in two rows which would require two bracket kits.

Power Supply Adaptor (SPM148PSA-12V ) -120Vac to 12Vdc plug-in power adaptor, CSA approved, Class 2, 1.0 Amp. One PSA module will power up to 20 shaft or bin modules and one Remote Alarm.)

Power Supply Module (SPM148PWR-IS-1) - The power to operate the monitor system is from a 120 Vac to 12 Vdc wall adaptor. (A special grounding wire is required to provide I.S. protection). This module has a power switch and an indicator light. One power supply module is required per system and will provide I.S. protected power for up to 20 other modules.

Alarm Module (SPM147ALM-1) - The alarm module has a buzzer (with volume control) to give an audible signal when an alarm condition occurs. The alarm continues to sound until it is acknowledged by the operator. There is a pushbutton switch to acknowledge and silence the alarm and an output for an optional remote alarm. This alarm is suited for an office background noise level. If the monitor system is used in a noisy area, a remote alarm is also recommended. This module has an output drive for one Remote Alarm (SPM147ALM-OREM). One Alarm Module is required per system.

Bin Level Module Kit (SPM145BIN-PKIT) - This kit includes a monitor panel module and a pressure operated bin level switch sensor. The Bin Module can be configured for either upper or lower bin level monitoring. The module has a red and a green indicator light to show the status of the sensor at a glance. For an upper bin level, when the bin gets full, the green indicator will go out and the red indicator will come on flashing to show which module is generating an alarm. The alarm will remain sounding until the alarm is acknowledged by pressing the reset switch on the Alarm Module. The normal switch diaphragm used for upper bin level sensing is made from rip-stop Nylon. A special rubber diaphragm is available for use in low bin applications or where abrasion may be a problem. Capacitive and Infra-red Bin level sensors are available for special applications.

Shaft Speed Module Kit (SPM146SHF-DKIT) - This kit includes a monitor panel module and a magnetic switch type shaft speed sensor. The Shaft Module is capable of monitoring shafts turning from 10 rpm to 10,000 rpm in 4 selectable ranges. It comes with a red and a green indicator light and an adjustment screw to allow the operator to adjust the alarm trip speed. Different types of shaft sensors are available to make installation easier.

Remote Alarm Acknowledge Module (SPM147ALM-ACK) - This is a specially configured module that uses a pressure operated bin level switch as a manual input switch to allow the alarm to be acknowledged from anywhere in the plant.

Remote Outdoor Alarm (SPM147ALM-OREM) - This is an alarm suitable for outdoor use or in a “standard” electrical area in the plant. The alarm is connected to the remote alarm output on the Alarm Module and is powered by the power supply module.

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